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National environmental high-end equipment manufacturing base-state-level park, China yixing Environmental Protection Technology Industrial park to promote environmental protection industry transformation and upgrading, enhance the level of international cooperation of the main carrier platform, Jiangsu Province, environmental protection equipment Industry Technology Innovation Center building an important part. Our base adopts the market operation of "one base multi platform" synchronous construction, and is committed to build the international leading environmental protection industry, investment, incubation and operation platform. Cathay Power Technology Yixing Co., Ltd. based on the national environment high-end equipment manufacturing base platform, the company is located in China's environmental protection industry-Jiangsu Province Yixing.
National power to launch the focus of the suspension of high-speed centrifugal blower (Neo Turbo), with 5 leading technology: air suspension bearings, precision machining of the impeller, air mechanics, ultra-high speed permanent magnet motor, high efficiency inverter and so on. In each important technology and quality management links have Korean experts and Chinese colleagues work together to ensure that the company's unified operation and product quality to reach the Korean neo-Turbo co.,ltd quality testing standards. And in Guangzhou, Sichuan, Dalian and other locations to set up their own after-sales service outlets, to provide Chinese users with convenient and efficient service for users to solve the worries.
Compared with the traditional centrifugal blower, the suspension type high speed centrifugal blower can save 30%-50% energy consumption, and the noise is less than 80 db, and the maintenance is simple. has been in Korea, Japan, the United States, Europe and other countries successfully run, and widely used in sewage treatment, dust transmission, desulfurization, composting fermentation, sandblasting, incinerator, oxygen supply, gold-plated trough, reverse cleaning and other fields.

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