Introduction of NTB series of air suspension centrifugal blower
Introduction of NTB series of air suspension centrifugal blower

NEO Turbo air suspension centrifugal blower NTB10-NTB600 Series

Air:9~485m3/minWind Pressure:40~100 Kpa
Adjustment range:45%-100%Noise: Below85 db
Features: energy-efficient,100% Oil-free lubrication, easy maintenance, etc.

1 Products Introduction Product introduction

NEO TURBOAir suspension centrifugal Bloweris a single-stage centrifugal blower, does not need gearbox growth and coupling, by high-speed permanent magnet motor (PMSM) direct drive, and the motor using frequency converter (VFD) to speed. The blower impeller (impeller) is directly combined with the motor, while the shaft is suspended on the active air bearing (the air bearing). Because there is no physical contact and no lubrication system, the air suspension centrifugal blower has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, reliable operation and no maintenance maintenance.

2 Features product characteristics

High efficiency and energy saving• Direct connection to minimize loss of energy transmission

• With traditionalSuspended Air blowerCompared to reducing power consumption 30-50%

• Recovery of investment costs within 2-3 years

Modern environmental protection  • Intelligent, user-friendly touch screen

• Fast and convenient installation without foundation or anchor bolts

• Oil-free lubrication system to avoid two times of pollution

• Noise below 80 db, no vibration, pro environment

Easy Maintenance
 • Adopt air suspension bearing technology, without any lubricating oil

• No need for regular maintenance and replacement of bearings

• Only regular replacement of filters

3) Specification Specification performance table

4 Products Use product Useneo TURBO

Air suspension centrifugal BlowerTo meet a variety of industrial production needs: such as the air supply of sewage treatment plant, powder/particle transport, dehumidification, drying, gas desulfurization, composting fermentation air supply, sandblasting, incinerator, gold-plated trough, reverse cleaning and other fields.



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