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The leaders of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Wuxi City should investigate the work of the Overseas Chinese Federation and focus on the Guohe Base.

Edit:Guo He Power Technology Yixing Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

On March 12th, Wuxi City Federation of Overseas Chinese Federation Party Secretary, Wuxi Municipal Party Committee Vice Minister Li Zhenguo, Wuxi City Federation of Overseas Chinese Federation Chairman Mao Jiahong and other leaders made a special trip to investigate the work of the Overseas Chinese Federation in the new era and the innovation and entrepreneurship of Xinqiao, focusing on the Guohe Base. Qi Zhiliang, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Huankeyuan, and Wang Liming, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of Yixing Municipal Committee and Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation, accompanied the investigation。

In the high-end equipment manufacturing base of Xinqiao Venture Enterprise Guohe Environment, the research team and the company's executive partner, the deputy director of the Overseas Chinese Community Expert Committee, Shao Jun, conducted in-depth exchanges on the company's operation, product characteristics and entrepreneurial experience and experience. Shao Yong targeted the country. The development prospects of the joint base and the current status of the products and operations of the various eco-chain companies of Guohe Base are described in detail.

In the afternoon, the group held a symposium on the work of the Overseas Chinese Federation in the conference room on the seventh floor of the Guohe Base. Communicate on key issues such as resource links of Guohe Base, introduction of international technology, and cooperation between state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises.

Secretary Li Zhenguo proposed that as the group of returnees from returning to China gradually grows up, they can set up a transformation and optimization that focuses on cultivating the connection between the first generation and the second generation, and realize the iteration and growth of the second generation, creating a smooth generation and the second generation。 Inheritance of the talent platform。 It is expected that Shao Yong, the managing partner of Guohe Base, will be able to realize the growth from the members of the Yixing CPPCC to the Wuxi CPPCC and actively participate in the development and formation of this talent platform.

During the trip, the research team fully affirmed the work of Yixing City on overseas Chinese, and hoped that Yixing Overseas Chinese Federation would fully grasp its own advantages and further increase its efforts on the basis of existing good work, constantly innovate working methods and make economic and social development. Make more and bigger contributions.


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