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Zhulian combination, C-debut! ——Record the 2019 Guohe Base's strongest combination year-end sharing club

Edit:Guo He Power Technology Yixing Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-07

From January 12th to January 13th, 2019, the two-day national high-end equipment manufacturing base (IEM BASE) shared the end of the year. In these two days, there is not only a summary of the work of the 18th year in various fields, but also more moments of joy and affection。 Let us review it together!

Gong mou fa zhan

Joint development

On the morning of January 12, the 2019 strategic sharing meeting was held in Yixing Hotel by Guohe Environment High-end Equipment Manufacturing Base, Yun Whale Internet (Beijing) Network Technology Co。, Ltd。 and Shanghai Caixin Industrial Development Co。, Ltd。 At this strategic sharing meeting, Shao He, the managing partner of Guohe Base, Peng Jingen, founder/CEO of Yun Whale Network, and Song Benshuai, the president of Caixin Industry, attended the meeting and shared their speeches。 The general manager of each ecological chain company of Guohe Base, the heads of various departments of Guohe Holding Headquarters, the heads of various departments of the Whale Network team, and the members of the Caixin Industry team attended the meeting and held the theme discussion。

Tuan jian gong rong


In order to further enrich employees' spare time, strengthen team building, and enhance employees' cohesiveness and centripetal force, on the afternoon of the establishment of the Guohe Base, on the afternoon of the 12th, the 2019 New Year's Youth League building of Guohe Base was in full swing and in full swing. The employee participated in the event.

During the half-day event, the company organized all employees to carry out outreach training and expanded into four projects, including “Shenzhen Ma Liang, Zhongzhi Chengcheng, Paper Cup Water, Painting and Passing Guessing Words, Red and Black War, Tug of War”。 In the process, all employees faced challenges, united, high-spirited, tacit cooperation and perseverance to complete difficult tasks。 The employees were enthusiastic and passionate in the activities of the day, adding a heavy background to the youth with unity and struggle.

The group building activities enabled all employees to gain confidence, courage and friendship, and further understood their responsibilities, responsibility and gratitude, which further enhanced the team's cohesiveness and fully demonstrated the spirit of the country's hard work and heroic dedication. Everyone expressed their wishes. Incorporate this passion and spirit into the work and contribute to the company's development.

Nian hui tong le

Annual meeting

"The combination of Zhulian and C is debut!" With the opening of the momentum, the 2019 annual meeting of Guohe Base was kicked off in the Yangshuo Hall of Yixing Hotel! The organizer of the annual meeting was Guohe Environment High-end Equipment Manufacturing Base. The guests invited were: Deputy Director Chen Huaneng of Huankeyuan Management Committee and Xie Huichao Deputy Director of Huankeyuan Economic Development Bureau. The companies present were: Yun Whale Internet (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Feili Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Guohe Green Materials Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Zhuona Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Guohe Power Technology Yixing Co., Ltd. Guohe Hailun Environmental Technology (Yixing) Co., Ltd., Yunou Net Supply Chain Service Jiangsu Co., Ltd., Fino Intelligent Mixing Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd., Guohe Kaixi Water Body Repair Jiangsu Co., Ltd., Guohe Biotechnology (Yixing) Co., Ltd. Guohe Jinggong Intelligent Technology (Yixing) Co., Ltd. and Guohe Rhino New Materials Jiangsu Co., Ltd. (the company ranks in no particular order). All the staff and company colleagues gathered together for a party。

The combination of the Zhulian, the Year of the Pig must be combined! It conveyed the purpose of Guohe Base's "harmony and strength, strong alliance", expressed the determination of the sub-sections of the base, the regional partners to work together, win-win cooperation, and the heavyweight appearance in the high-end manufacturing industry. C-bit goal!

At the beginning of the party, Shao Wei, deputy director of Huankeyuan Management Committee and executive partner of Guohe Base, made a new year speech, reviewed the outstanding achievements in the past 18 years, and affirmed the employees' contributions, while looking forward to the future, leading speeches. Exciting, the staff are also passionate and full of enthusiasm!

The climax is superb, wonderful! With the opening of the annual meeting of the official partner of Guohe Base and the deputy director of the Environmental Science and Technology Management Committee, Chen Weineng, the big screen was lighted up, and the grand ceremony of giving in and printing was also successfully completed. The printing ceremony represents the base's high hopes for the newly added companies, and the affirmation and urgent cooperation of important partners. (New section companies: Yun Whale Network Supply Chain Service Jiangsu Co., Ltd., Guohe Jinggong Intelligent Technology (Yixing) Co., Ltd., Guohe Hailun Environmental Technology (Yixing) Co., Ltd., Guohe Rhino New Materials Jiangsu Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Zhuona Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Important partners: Yun Whale Internet (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., Caixin Industrial Co., Ltd., School of Civil Engineering, Southeast University.)

After the official start of the dinner, the inspiring talent show also followed, and the staff of each department showed their own grandeur, bringing a gorgeous audio-visual feast. Brilliant dances, powerful singing voices, energetic team, lively show the company's spiritual outlook in front of everyone, praise them!

The team also invited the children's Latin dance team led by Li Mengying, the teacher of Meng Ying International Dance Studio, and Wei Meiping, the president of the Yixing Sailors and Dance Association, Jiang Meiyun, Song Xiuzhi, and Qin Shuihong, the sailor dance team, including the CEO of Guohe Base。 Ms。 Chen Meihong, the executive general manager of the team。 The dazzling singing and dancing performances made the audience stunned and clap their hands.

During the performance, there were many lottery events. The rich prizes made everyone on the scene boil and pushed the atmosphere to a climax!

The stage was wonderful, and the audience was also a joyful laughter。 The sweat of the past was turned into a glass of wine。 Everyone toasted, and they were happy and talked to each other。

Let us have a glass of wine to respect the past, work hard, harvest the fruits, and make a call for ourselves; a glass of wine is respected now, people who are accompanied by the struggle, thank you; the last cup of wine respects the future, it is worth looking forward to, rain and wind, re-create brilliant!

Zou jin yang xian

Going into the yang

On the morning of the 13th, it was also the last trip of the year-end sharing club. Guohe friends organized a visit to the Yixing Museum。 Everyone has experienced the process of the evolution of human civilization, the wisdom of the ancients, the story of the great celebrities of Yixing and the true portrayal of ancient Yixing. Not only did Yixing local colleagues see the changes in their hometowns, but they also made their foreign partners feel deeply. They all expressed that Yixing is a good place for personal Jieling, and more urgently wants to invest in the cause of cooperation and development with Yixing environmental protection enterprises.


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